What PS4 game prices could mean for Developers

I recently read an article on IGN about the price range of games on Sony’s next gen consoles. According to the article, the system will support free-to-play games as well as paid games with a price range that varies from $0.99 to the more usual $60 per game. 

While the fact that PS4 games won’t get a price hike is great news for gamers everywhere, there is also some potential good news to be found here for developers. Indie developers to be precise.


With a next gen console dropping their game prices to as low as $0.99 per game it could mean the dev kits for PS4 could also drop their price. The last known price for PS3 dev kits have been reported to be around $2000 each. Essentially, PS3 dev kits were unreachable to indie developers. This makes sense since buying a development kit for PS3 would be a matter of risk for small time developers.

My thoughts are, if PS4 games are priced as low as $0.99, this means Sony aims to enter the casual game market. This market is currently dominated by Android/iOS platforms. If Sony truly wants to compete with Apple and Google, they will have to make sure dev kits (for casual games) are more accessible to indie developers. Since development kits for iOS/Android are available to developers for less than $100, Sony will have to come up with some sort of pricing plan for dev kits according to their projected selling price that is just as affordable. 

At the end of the day, these are just my thoughts. What Sony’s brilliant solution is to this upcoming competition is yet to be seen. I guess we will all find out soon.